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The basic idea of land is that it’s a specific area of earth, property with clearly delineated boundaries, that has an owner. You can view the concept of land in several ways, relying on its context, and the circumstances under which it’s being analyzed. Build an adequately stocked portfolio of land on your clients to buy.


Wan, G.H.; Cheng, E. Effects of land fragmentation and returns to scale in the Chinese farming sector. Conceptualization, A.F.; Data curation, C.Z.; Formal evaluation, C.Z.; Investigation, Y.L.; Project administration, Y.L.; Validation, C.Z.; Writing—original draft, A.F.; Writing—review and editing, A.F. All authors have read and agreed to the printed version of the manuscript. Land transfer stimulates the agricultural economy and elevates land to a living type of capital, nevertheless it additionally raises many problems. The character and the identification of this project are personified in the project’s daring slogan, ‘The Natural Gateway to Excitement’. At Grand Wisata, one can discover an ideal spot for relaxation and an escape from the frenzy of metropolis dwelling.