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If there are applications pending on a folio selected for viewing, such purposes could end in adjustments to the register. When such folios are chosen for viewing, a message appears on screen alerting the person to this. The user ought to view particulars of the pending application and print the list, if required. The report landed on his desk → Le rapport a atterri sur son bureau.


However, most continental areas have international locations the place pastureland reaches close to half of complete land area. There is massive variability within the share of land a given country makes use of for agriculture. Allocation ranges from lower than ten percent, significantly across nations in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Scandinavian area to close to 80 percent throughout most regions . We will explore this distinction in cropland and pastureland in the following part. The visualisation exhibits human land use over the long-term , and details the change in complete land used for cropland, grazing land and built-up/urban area in hectares.